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Alexander Rauser
Written by Alexander Rauser

Shopify Plug-In Installation Guide

This tutorial will show you how to install the Shopify app to your Flux Panda streaming experience so that customers will be able to access your online store and buy products seamlessly during your livestream.

You will need to have the Flux Panda - Live Selling app already installed in your Shopify account.

Enabling the Shopify Add-on

The first step is to connect the Shopify add-on with your Flux Panda - Live Selling app.

  • On your Flux Panda dashboard, go to Add-ons on the top navigation menu.

  • Find Shopify on the list and choose the option ‘Install this add-on’

  • Go to Shopify and click Flux Panda - Live Selling under the Sales Channels list
  • Click the Connect Account button

  • Go back to Flux Panda and copy the Public and Private API keys from the Shopify Plugin page. Input your Shopify store domain in the Authorized domain field.

  • Paste keys on the appropriate fields on Shopify. If you have a custom domain, input it in the Custom Domain field as well.

Importing your products

The next step is to select the products from your store that you want to be available to your live streaming viewers. 

  • Click on the name of the product under the product list

  • Click manage under the Product Status panel

  • Choose Flux Panda as a sales channel for the product and click Done.

  • Click on Flux Panda under the Sales Channel list

  • Select Products tab. There you will see how many products have you managed to be available for import to Flux Panda

  • Click the Import button
  • Check the products have been imported successfully by going to your Flux Panda account and clicking Products at the top. Scroll down to see other key product information such as price, size, color, etc.

Adding the products to your live stream

Now, when you create a live stream from your Flux Panda dashboard, you can add products from your store so that your viewers can purchase without leaving the stream.

  • From your Flux Panda dashboard, create a new live event.
  • Either before you start the event or while the event is streaming, click the Add Product button at the bottom right of the screen.
  • This will open a list of your products. Select the ones that you want to add and click Add to Collection.

  • You can also create new products directly from this screen: Just click Add New Product at the top right.  

  • You will see the product tiles added to your screen. Click on the item and select Go Live from the pop-up menu to add it to your live stream. 


I can’t find my products in Flux Panda

On your Flux Panda dashboard, go to the Products tab to see all the products you have available. If there are products from your store that are missing here, go back to your Shopify store, navigate to your Flux Panda - Live Selling App and go to the Products tab. You will find a list of your products. Select the ones you want to add by marking the checkboxes, then click Import.

Now, go back to the Products area on the Flux Panda dashboard and your imported products should be there.

Didn’t solve your problem? Go back and check our Shopify installation guide.

My live stream viewers can’t see my products

If you have the Shopify app installed, you can add products to your live stream. From the livestreaming page, just click Add Product, select the products you want to add and they will appear on your screen. 

To ensure that your audience can also see the products, make sure you send them live. To do this, just scroll over the item and click Go Live from the menu.